1. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: Organisers

Federazione Unitaria Italiana Scrittori - FUIS
(Italian Writers Federation)

The most representative writers' organisation in Italy
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Federazione Unitaria Italiana Scrittori (FUIS) with the goals of:

  • - promoting authors of all kinds of expressive arts related to writing;
  • - letting emerging writers, especially unpublished and little known ones, emphasize their own creative energies and count on tangible help with their writing;
  • - recognizing the importance of the creative process by enhancing favorable conditions for writing activities.

establishes "PENNE IN BORSA" with the objective of assigning two literary residencies to emerging writers.

FUIS will assign two writing residencies that will allow young emerging writers to create or complete one of their literary works.

Italian writers who have not published any literary work, can advance their candidacy. This call is open to foreign writers as well. Regardless of nationality, writers must be at least 18 years old.

2. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: Features

  • Promotion of writers

  • Creativity

  • Unique experience

Promotion of writers

In order to support and promote writers' professional skills, Federazione Unitaria Italiana Scrittori, has established two writing residencies, open to emerging Italian or foreign authors.


A month for writing, a month to be lived in the lovely town of Casteldilago, in Umbria: an intimate dimension, surrounded by nature and history.

Unique experience

An occasion to give you the time to commit to your own writing and to live a wonderful experience with your literary works.

3. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: The residency

Each writing residency will consist of:

  • - One month of residency (half board) at Casteldilago (in Umbria, near Terni);
  • - 500 euro allowance (to cover the costs of the residency).

Travel will be at the expense of the winners.

4. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: How to participate

To apply, candidates must submit:

To apply for the "PENNE IN BORSA" writing residency, send all listed material, by 4th july 2017, to this address:
"PENNE IN BORSA" c/o FUIS - Piazza Augusto Imperatore 4 - 00186 Roma - Italy (must be postmarked by the 4th july 2017), or by email to penneinborsa@fuis.it.

Winners will be contacted by phone and email before the 31th july 2017 and need to confirm their participation before 4th august 2017. The writing residency will take place in the month of September 2017.

The participants authorise FUIS to use and process their personal data (both in paper and electronic versions) in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/03. Participation to this open call is subject to complete acceptance of all rules hereby written.

5. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: : The winners of the residencies

The winners will participate in three meetings:

In case of a foreign writer winning a residency:

Additional terms for the winners

The winners of the residencies, at the end of their month's stay, will present their work at FUIS's headquarters in Rome. If a winner of the residency is not able to show the literary work he/she has written, then he/she will have to repay 70% of the value of the residency.

6. "PENNE IN BORSA" 2017: Casteldilago (Terni)

Casteldilago is located on a rocky spur that overlooks the river and it has taken its name from the lake upon which, in the past, it was reflected. The lake does not exist anymore apart from the toponym, together with the old wharfs just upon the road that leads to the town. This medieval village, born on a small hill, stood around an old castle of which only ruins now remain