FUIS to attend meeting in Berlin with writers from the Middle East


FUIS to meet writers from the Middle East

On Friday 14th July Katie Webb, International Co-director of FUIS, and writer Sebastiano Triulzi will attend a meeting including writers from Iraq and Israel, taking place in Berlin. They will give presentations about the work FUIS does on behalf of Italian authors, and will also talk about the International Authors Forum, and the significance of authors working together internationally, as well as Italy’s relationship with the Middle East and especially the refugee crisis. The purpose of the meeting is to bring writers in the Middle East together to explore the belief that literature can foster change from conflict, oppression and division. To date, this region has not been represented within the International Authors Forum’s network, so it is an excellent opportunity to form links and get to know authors from Middle Eastern countries, and discuss with them the specific circumstances within which they write. The outcomes of the meeting will be both creative and pragmatic, forming a plan about how authors from the Middle East can become part of an international movement and what authors all over the world can do together to support each other and their profession.