Fifth edition of the FUIS Stati Generali dell'Autori in Rome


Katie Webb's report of the Stati Generale dell'Autore on 21st December 2016 in Rome

Colonna, Rome

On Wednesday 21st December FUIS held the Fifth edition of its 'Stati Generali dell'Autori' conference, inviting its members to the prestigious Palazzo Ferrajoli to hear many different kinds of authors talk about various issues in their field including contracts and the latest communication technologies.

FUIS also presented the results of a piece of research they had conducted, calling it 'Gli scrittori: I nuovi poveri?', or 'Writers: the new poor?'. There was good reason to ask that question. The results of FUIS's survey of more than 1,000 writers in Italy revealed that only 37.8% were full-time writers and just 32.6% of the sample describe their professional activity as "author."

The report based on the research, which was written and presented by Giovanni Prattichizzo, explores the economic and social status of the writer in the digital reality.

Katie Webb was there in her new role as FUIS's International Co-director, to talk about her work with the International Authors Forum and the plans for her role with FUIS.

You can read Katie's speech here.