Documentary about Exorcism in Sicily shown in London by Cinema Italia UK


Cinema Italia UK screened the film "Liberami" in London in April, presenting an extraordinarily detailed picture of exorcism in Sicily.

Cinema Italia UK showed the film Liberami at Regent Street Cinema in London on 19th April, directed by Federica di Giacomo. It was a confronting documentary following a community in Sicily going through the practice of Exorcism. The film was followed by a fascinating post-show talk. The discussion considered how close the film had got to the participants, who were going through real-life exorcisms. The skill of the documentary-makers in gaining the participants’ trust was clear in the film’s detailed, intense portrayal of the events. Both spiritual and secular perspectives on the nature of ‘possession’ were considered, considering possession as an authentic spiritual experience where something external comes into the possessed person, or as a psychologically created ‘reality’ from within, in a person’s mind. This film’s presentation of exorcism as a current practice in today’s world shifted the subject matter from the fantasy of horror films into a chilling reality that still takes place not only in Sicily but in many other countries. Thanks to Cinema Italia UK for bringing a unique insight from Italian creators into a London cinema.
Cinema Italia UK screens 'Liberami'